A comprehensive list of Exacom's current products and services (as of March 2023) can be found here:

We offer three main products: a main suite allowing the effective management of CIL, S106 and Project data; and two public systems which revolutionize the transparency of all of this data and its access to the public.

Planning Obligations Suite

The powerful web-based back office Planning Obligations Suite is made up of three modules: The S106 and CIL governance modules, and the Project Module. These modules are designed for planning and CIL charging authorities to monitor, enforce and deliver community infrastructure. The CIL & S106 modules can be purchased separately, however the Project Module has to be purchased in all cases. In the future, this will also allow you to monitor and deliver the new Infrastructure Levy.

Biodiversity Net Gain Module

Our Biodiversity Net Gain web-based application allows you to import and monitor the data directly from the DEFRA BNG Metric Excel workbook, or to alternatively enter the data directly into the system. Building on our advanced legal agreement monitoring systems, entries from this metric can be monitored and reviewed at specific intervals. This application will develop as the legislation does: once more information is released, we will expand the application with enforcement, optional public-facing features and API integrations. It links seamlessly into your existing Exacom system, but is also fully functional as a standalone application.

The Public Facing Module

The Public Facing Module (PFM) is a daily feed from the back office system to a public facing webserver that allows members of the public to interrogate all aspects of planning obligations in their varying states: pending, due, received, allocated and spent. This public transparency module can be thoroughly customised to suit your needs, giving you control over your data. Additionally, this system allows the public to view S106 deeds and the individual covenants in them. As of 2022, the PFM also features an optional online CIL Calculator which allows developers and members of the public to work out the basic CIL charge for development within that CIL charging area. This calculator is likewise updated with the data set in the back office Obligations Suite system.

The Exacom Public Interface

The Exacom Public Interface (EPI, formerly known as the PFI) is a collection of public facing data entry interfaces that allow members of the public to submit data directly to your Obligations Suit in a secure and paper-free environment. Rather than relying on post and having to scan documents in or having to deal with emails and attachments the EPI allows data to be submitted securely and digitally to your Obligations Suite. The EPI launched in 2023 with the CIL Forms module, allowing members of the public to submit the statutory forms required for CIL compliance directly to your CIL Module for officer review and acceptance (or rejection), cutting out late/missing post, incorrectly addressed emails or corrupted attachments to offer a truly paper-free workflow for CIL. The EPI will continue to expand with new modules for data submission for aspects of S106, such as plans for review, Affordable Housing data or requests to discharge restrictive covenants. If the proposed Infrastructure Levy calls for a similar form submission system for compliance, the EPI will support the collection and processing of these forms.

Packages and Charging

Please contact us for up an up to date pricing schedule.

Discounts are offered if modules are purchased together as follows:

  • Example 1. CIL, S106 and project modules (25% discount across all modules)
  • Example 2. CIL, S106, Project & PFM modules (25% discount across all modules)

Minimum contract period of two years.

The price includes installation, full personalisation of system, staff training, upgrades resulting from legislative changes, updates, additional reports and documents, additional users, amendments, helpdesk support and user forums. Please note that the EPI and BNG Module are not included as part of the above discount.

Support Services – Obligations Office

The Obligations Office is a third party company that works with Exacom, to provide a manual historic S106 and CIL data input service for Exacom users. They are the only company licensed by Exacom for secure third party access to its software, meaning that work can take place directly and securely without the need to log in through corporate servers or desktops.